Types of pind daan

Lets us know about types of pind daan in this article. But before that let us know a little about pind daan.

As per the Hindu belief, Gaya Ji pind daan is mandatory Karma to attain peace, good health, and prosperity in life.

It is believed that during funeral only body is put at rest but to attain peace to the departed soul, pind daan offerings by their family member become a necessity.

So, it is very important as per Hindu belief to perform Shradh Karma to help the departed souls to attain peace and at the same time get the blessings from their deceased ancestors for the peace to his own life.

Types of pind daan

Below are some kinds of pind daan rituals one performs during the whole shraddha ceremony.

  • PITRU DOSH NIVARAN: It consists of tarpan Karma, the offering of food and clothes to Brahmins, Pitra Aradhana, etc. For the people who have pitru dosh in his Kundli, it is mandatory to perform this puja to get rid of this dosha.
  • KALSHARPYOG POOJA: Kalasarpa Dosha can bring a threat to finances, health, and prosperity of one’s life. So, this ritual is done to get rid of this dosha.
  • TIRPINDI SHRADH: It is done when someone has died unnaturally. So, this becomes very important for someone in the family to perform this shradh for the salvation to the deceased ancestor.

There are other Gayaji shradh rituals as well and we can help you know everything you need to do in order to perform pind daan successfully.

Gaya pind daan online

Are you looking for ONLINE pind daan? This is how you can do online: Read this guide

Kinds of pind daan- A video by Iskcon Gaya

In the below video, Pandit Jagdish Shyam Das speaking about the types of pind daan in detail.

www.pinddaangaya.co.in (Jagdish Shyam Das, Iskcon Gaya)

At Iskcon, we help devotees visiting Gaya Ji for pind daan by arranging them experienced and well-mannered pandits for Shradh Karma.

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Gaya pind daan place names list

Below is the list of the name of places in Gaya for pind daan.

  • Falgu river
  • Gaytri Ghat, VishnuPad Temple
  • Pitamaheswar
  • Brahmakund
  • Pretseela
  • Ramsheela
  • Sita Kund, VishnuPad Temple
  • Suryakund
  • Brahma pad, VishnuPad Temple
  • Surya pad, VishnuPad Temple
  • Sharswati Vedi
  • Bodhitaru, Bodhgaya
  • Dharmarnaya, Bodhgaya
  • Indra pad, VishnuPad Temple
  • Brahma Sarowar
  • Ganesh pad, VishnuPad Temple

Above are some well know places for pind daan in Gaya. There are many other places as well.

Gaya Shradh – Pitru Paksha Season

Pitru Paksha is a 16 days shradh karma period during the monsoon season of September – August in Gaya Ji.

During this period a series of pujas, offerings, and rituals are observed to pay homage to departed souls.

The pind daan offering and puja is performed under the guidance of pandits in Gaya Ji with chants and shlokas.

Who can do pind daan in Gaya?

Pind daan is generally offered by the oldest son or any male members in the family.

In some cases, even female members in the family are allowed to perform the offerings to pay homage to the departed souls

Here is how pandits at Iskocn Gaya can help you perform these rituals. View here. or get in touch here to know more about Gayaji Pind daan.

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