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Shradh 2024 Dates | Pitru Paksha 2024 | Pind Daan 2024

2024 Shradh in Gaya (Pitru Paksha) will start on 17 September 2024 and end on 2 October 2024

Here is the detailed explanation of pitru paksha 2024 shradh karma.

2024 Shradh Dates in Gaya: Pitru Paksha 2024 date 

Shradh 2024 start date and end date:

In the year 2024, the duration of pitru paksha or 2024 shradh is from 17 September 2024, till October 02, 2024

2024 Shradh or Pitru Paksha in Gaya will begin on Tuesday, 17 September 2024, and end on Wednesday, 02 October 2024.

Important Note: For those who are unable to reach Gaya Ji for pind daan in 2024 can do pind daan online. Contact Iskcon Gaya management for online pind daan.

Meaning of Shradh (Pitru Paksha)

Pitru Paksha is a 16 lunar day auspicious period as per the Hindu calendar in which pind daan is offered to deceased by their family member.

Shradh karma during pitri paksha starts from Bhadrapada or Shradh Purnima and goes up to the next 16 days till Sarva Pitru Amavasya.

Gaya pind daan online

Are you looking for ONLINE pind daan? This is how you can do online: Read this guide

What is pitru paksha mela?

Pitru paksha mela is a 16-day long period during which people from all over the world take part in the shradh ceremony to offer pind daan to the deceased.

This year pitru paksha mela will be organized from 17 September 2024, and ends on Saturday, 02 October  2024 in Gaya Ji.

During this period lakhs of people around the globe visit the pious land of Gayaji for the shradh ceremony. 




What is Shradh?

Shradh or pind daan is a Hindu ritual of offering food and water to the departed soul by someone from the family member.

pitru paksha 2020

Shradh as per Hindu belief is very important through which pind in circular form as food is offered to the deceased for the ultimate salvation.


It is believed that Lord Rama visited Gaya Ji for shradh and offered pind daan to his late father Dasaratha.

And, this is why Gaya Ji is regarded as the one the auspicious place for shradh karma where the famous temple of Vishnu (Rama) is situated at the bank of pious river Falgu.

About Gaya Ji


Lord Vishnu

Places for Shradh 2024 in Gaya ji

Below is the list of famous places for shradh karma 2024 or pind daan during pitru pakash:

Vishnupad Area Pind Vedis Gaya Gaya Sarovar
Ramgaya Falgu River Waitarani Sarowar
Brahma pad Brahmakund Suryakund
Surya pad Pretseela Pitamaheswar
Indra pad Brahmakund Rukmini Talab
Chandra pad Gadhadhar Vedi Brahma Sarowar
Sitakund, Akshay wat Sharswati Vedi, Kaakbali Godawari

Gaytri Ghat,

Bodhitaru, Jihwal Ramsheela

Importance of Shradh and Pitru Paksha in Gaya

Pind daan or Shradh ritual exists since the olden days of Ramayan and Mahabharata.

There are many stories about Hindu lords offering pind daan.

In Ramayan, Lord Rama visited Gaya Ji for pind daan and some even say Lordess Sita too offered pind daan.

And, this is the reason many believe that women too can offer pind daan.

Another story from Mahabharata

After the end of the battle of the Mahabharata, when Karna reached heaven post his death, he was served with precious materials like Gold, Diamonds, etc to eat.

When Karna asked Lord Indra about the reason, he replied that you only donated precious materials but never any food to your ancestors during your life on earth.

To which Karna replied that he was completely unaware of his ancestors and, therefore unable to donate food to them.

Hearing his reply, Lord Indra asked him to return to earth and do shradh karma to offer food to his ancestors during the 16-day pitru paksha period.

And, this is another reason why Shradh and 16-day long Pitru Paksha period is so important to Hindus.

Gaya Shradh 2024 Benefits 

In 2024, Shradh in Gaya starts on 17 September  2024, and ends on Wednesday, 02 October 2024. 

Post-death when the soul is on the way to heaven to attain peace, many stuck in between due to attachment of materialistic things on earth.

Many are bond strong to his/her past life on earth and remain restless roaming restlessly around for peace and salvation.

It is believed that when his/her family member on earth offer food, prayers, water, etc as pind daan, the soul attains peace and bond free from his/her early life on earth.

Doing so brings ultimate success, prosperity, and happiness in the life of family members doing shradh karma on earth.

It happens because when the soul attains peace, they bless people with a good life. And, this is the reason shradh is done during the pitru paksha period.

Pitru paksha Mela is a 16-day long ceremony organized in Gaya for Shradh Karma which starts from Badrapadha till Sarva Pitru Amavasya.

The Pitru paksha 2024 Shradh 15 days names are:

  • Prathama
  • Dwitiya
  • Tritiya
  • Chaturthi
  • Panchami
  • Shashthi,
  • Saptami,
  • Ashtami,
  • Navami,
  • Dhasami,
  • Ekadashi,
  • Dwadashi,
  • Trayodashi,
  • Chaturdashi,
  • Amavasya

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Pitra paksha video by Iskcon Gaya

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