Pind Daan Gaya ji

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Pind daan gaya ji offers you to do pind daan, shraddha, tripindi shraddha, akal mrityu shraddha and all kind of pind daan, shraddha and tarpan in Gaya ji tirth dham. ISKCON gives you accountability of comforts for your pind daan. Pind Daan can be done throughout the year. There is no boundation of time, place, Muhurt or circumstances. Best time is when you make up your mind to sacrifice something to please your forefathers. We all are indebted to our forefathers especially this material body is their gift.


Russian offering pind daan at gaya
Pind Daan at Gaya ji Tirth kshetra

Types of Pind Daan

Can a woman do pind daan, as Mother Sita had done pind daan too?