How to reach Gaya for pind daan?

There are various means of transportation one can take to reach Gaya for pind daan. People from different parts of the world visit Gaya for pind daan, travel Bodhgaya and temples in Gaya, and for pilgrimage.

How to reach Gaya for pind daan?

Below are some of the travel modes you can opt to reach Gaya for pind daan.

1. By Air

Gaya airport is located at around 15 Km from the heart of Gaya city and approx. 5 km from Bodhgaya. It is the only international airport in Bihar. Various international flights from different countries like Thailand, Srilanka, Japan, Bhutan, etc operate.

If you want to reach Gaya by air, the second airport nearest to Gaya is located in the capital city of Bihar i.e Patna. Once you land at Patna Airport, there are frequent trains that run between Gaya and Patna.

2. By Train

Gaya railway station lies in the route Delhi-Kolkata Grand chord. This makes Gaya connect to major cities across India. Various Superfast and Express trains operate via the route of Gaya.

Trains from different cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc directly connect Gaya.

3. Bus Bus

Gaya has several bus stations connecting the city to different cities in Bihar and across India.

Some of the major bus stands in Gaya are:

  • Gaya Bus Stand (Shashtri Nagar Jail Press Road)
  • Railway Station Bus stand
  • Bus station church road
  • Maharani Bus stop

You can find AC, Non-AC, Sleeper, State buses, etc connecting Gaya to different cities.

Once you reach Gaya you will find many local autos and e-rickshaws (A kind of electric vehicle or EV) for local transportation.

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