Gaya Pind Daan Services

Below is the list of pind daan services at Gaya Ji offered by Iskcon.


The Hindu way of life gives us true significance of religious fervors performed during one’s lifetime; Pind Daan is a mandatory ritual which is to be performed post death. Pind Daan gives an ultimate relief to the departed soul and paves way into the world of peace


Sharaddh Karma is performed on the death anniversary or collectively during the Pitru Paksha (Fortnight of ancestors), right before Sharad Navaratri in autumn


Pitru Dosh Nivaran consists of Pitra Aradhana, tarpan Karma, offering of food and clothes to Brahmins and all other rituals. We help you perform all these rituals


Kalasarpa Dosha can bring threat to the finances, health and prosperty of people. It can even causes delays and obstructions in work. We help you perform all rituals to get rid of this dosh


Keeping in mind good hygiene and taste we are committed to provide all possible ways to serve you good and healthy food


Transporartion is big challenge when a person visit to entirely new place. We help you provide best travel facilities in your budget.


We have good arrangements for travellers and tourists for local site seeing for happy moments in the budget


Accomodation is another biggest challenge for a person visiting to entirely new place. We keep your comfort in mind and have all facilities for a cozy and pleasent stay

Gaya Pind Daan Karma By Russian Iskcon devotees

Media Coverage By CNTV, Bihar for pind daan services at Gaya Ji organized by Iskcon.

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Gaya pind daan
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Gaya pind daan
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Pind daan services in Gaya with online shradh karma available.